Psychology is My Passion

When I first began school I was unsure of what exactly I wanted to do.  I knew that I wanted to do something similar to what my mother was doing being a probation and parole officer, and helping people with their social and personal problems.  Even though I had many interests, I believed that doing something that helped people directly would be the most rewarding, and seemed to be something that fit my characteristics and abilities.  The first thought that I had was that I would become a social worker.  I had spent some time with my uncle who was a social worker, and based off of the things we had discussed about what he did and provided for people, it seemed like the perfect thing for me.  Soon after I took a psychology class with Dr. Getsinger, whom was a highly intellectual and experienced psychotherapist, I knew that I wanted to go further in the psychology field.  Even though it is possible to help people as a social worker, I wanted to be able to provide something that dove deeper into the lives of my future clients, and to be the person who was getting the referrals versus giving them.   I then choose to go on the path of psychology.

To obtain my goal of becoming a clinical psychologist, I have immersed myself within the field.  I have chosen to go further than my classroom education by being in several academic extracurricular activities, such as research groups and psychology related clubs.  I am part of the Psi Chi (National Honor Society for Psychology) and C-Nerve, which is a cognitive neuroscience based club that is focused on discussing concepts within the cognitive neuroscience discipline, as well as doing related research.  The Research topics that I have been involved with include, effects of cellular distraction in classrooms, neurocorrelates related to beliefs of fat content in foods, and differences regarding first generation and minority students being in college.

Besides being an active member of my field of study within my university, I was also given the opportunity to have a field experience that was closely related to what I would like to do some day after graduate school, as well as being highly informative and experiential to the field.  In the summer of 2013 I worked individually with two psychologists who provided contracted psychotherapy for persons on probation and parole.  The main population that I worked with during that summer was sex offenders, however I also worked with other populations using CBT.  I observed and participated in both individual and group therapy.   The knowledge skills that I obtained go beyond that of which I can explain in this statement.

If there is one thing I know, it is that psychology is my passion, and I plan to go far with it.  My ultimate goal is to obtain a Psy.D in clinical psychology, and I will do what ever it takes to achieve that goal.  I hope to bring something new to the field and hope that with my experiences and knowledge, I can make an impact that is beneficial to many people.  It is not necessarily my desire to become a famous psychologist who comes out with great theories and laws, but to be someone that is able to bring happiness and content into peoples lives.


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