Research Report Writing

Research Report Writing

As you begin to write your research report. The man thing that you should be thinking is, “how can I make the information that I’ve discovered easily understandable by a large audience.  It is true that some times the information your reporting may be quite complex and best understood by audiences in your field, but you should also take into account that as a researcher you want this information to be available to all people, so that everyone is able to gain more knowledge and insight.  This does not mean that you should dumb it down, but instead explain the concepts of your research clearly and precisely.  Don’t expect that your reader will have the background knowledge that you may have.  Another major thing you should be aware of is the order in which you organize the information being presented.  It should be logical and easy to follow (as much as possible).  Another major component of writing a report which is further discussed in the article provided is, write the abstract last.  The first thing you should worry about would probably be the introduction, however you could worry about this later.  The important thing to write before your discussion and abstract is the data and analysis.  This way you can get a good grasp on what you should summarize and what you may want to expand on.  For further tips about writing research reports see attached link.


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