Are Research Proposals in Psychology Different Than Other Sciences?

I believe that research proposals in psychology may be more complex than any other type of science.  Now i’m not saying this because I believe that psychology is more superior or something, not by any means.  What I’m suggesting is that because in psychology your dealing with primarily human beings and other animals it becomes more complex than say working with methane emissions. The reason being is that first of all humans and animals have the ability to be harmed, relatively easy.  This can include physical harm but also psychological.  There has been a numerous amount of psychological studies that have gone down in history as being very harmful to it’s participants.  The other reason is that a lot of the findings and theories is psychology are not as black and white as other sciences may appear to be.  Because of this it is crucial that in writing a psychology proposal ‘you’ be very specific and to and clear about how the experiment will be conducted,  the restrictions of the experiment, and what will be the benefit of the findings.  In my opinion it is much harder to prove something is real and valuable in the humanities than in the ‘hard sciences’. Be aware of this in planning and carrying out psychological research.


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