Science a Social Enterprise

I think that social communication in the sciences has just as little importance as all communication does in humanity.  People may tend to think that scientists are introverted shy people whom only sit in a lab by themselves and make discoveries, but really like all careers communication within the science needs to take place within and be expanded outside of the discipline.  If you were to be a artist or a rock star it would be wise to talk with other musicians and gain feedback on your work, and it would definitely be wise to communicate with the public so to get you work recognized.  Like wise if you were opening a business it would be wisest to communicate with other businesses and with the public in order to make your business successful.  Even in our daily lives it’s important to communicate with other, gain ideas, and give ideas.  Without even being to conscious of it we share the things we discover and learn, with others in our lives.  Why should science be any different?


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